10 Reasons for saying no without any explanation


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t you ever think that because the word YES has one more letter than NO, it’s stronger and so easy to use often before we put ourselves in the deepest pits of guilt, shame and tension!

Indeed a NO is better than a YES. Do you ever wonder if the world wars could have been stopped if any of the war squads had rejected the concept of fighting?

Have you ever wondered if some world innovation and exploration was possible because some wonderful species among us said NO to failure and then again tried?

Have you ever thought about the fact that we all end up in some distressing circumstances because of our unsuccessful attempts to say NO to someone or anything or even everything?


To be very honest, I was a little pleased when I decided to scribble on this subject because I am a victim of this “NO-YES-NO DILEMMA.” So a much-needed introspection followed and I was able to decide on the following explanations that explained a better response i.e. NO everywhere and without reason, it was considered fit and inevitable:

Even saying no is a way to say yes to be you!

What is she going to think? Which is it they will say?

I can’t do it, though. Yet, I suppose I have to control … How can I?

Just shake it off! You are not meant to be putting yourself in such a situation first! Secondly, you can’t stop getting out of this place. The bog is too risky not to succumb! Skip the movie with friends so you can spend more time with yourself. If you do not feel like talking to someone, it’s okay not to pick up the call. Listening to what your heart tells, and doing what you know is right, is absolutely fine.


There is constant change and so as we evolve and get enlightened our priorities shift.

None of us will dispute the value of giving priority and choosing how to proceed accordingly.

Goals matter! Goals matter! It’s NOT significant!

You have a great group of people to look after

We do have tiny clouds, so our people never get up, like the stars, everybody’s going to hypnotize!

We have our cellular telephones full of contacts, our social networking pages overflow with relatives, our hearts are bursting with memories-Phew! There is no way anyone will fit in.

What is most important is that we have a few people who want to add to our year’s smiles and life — and who need someone else?


Let the “consciousness” hindrance go away

What should not throw off the binding portion of consciousness around us and crown themselves with the tiara of fearlessness?

Fake thought, vocabulary, and acts are useless in order to only acclimate ourselves to our contemporary world. The degree to which our true self begins to distort is utterly unacceptable to be conscious. This belief forbids us to be who we want to be and to do what we want to do.

Exercise the worldly practices in your words – say NO.

Stop indulging in something wrong with you

Tobacco… Nicotine… absolute NO to them! Drugs… smoking…

Therefore, we are all facing gray areas that sensitively influence other stimuli. In our photo. A deliberate analysis of our perceptions and responses will allow us to recognize these stimuli and prevent us from perceptions negatively and damaging our environment.

How unreasonable is it not to do something wrong with us? Say ‘no’ to better yourself is all you need to do.

Say meaningfully

Often making your life meaningful is wonderful!

If you can do something for your family, do something for yourself that shouldn’t fail you. Not only does it do things that make you happy, but it also prevents things that make you feel depressed and boring.

You mean something about yourself, at least!

Opportunity Cost

You have the most important thing in the world: TIME!

Say yes to everyone and work for them, do all, go after all – wait! Imagine what it costs to waste your invaluable time. Stop running into debts before you go!

Be wise enough to distinguish between your personal and professional costs and investment!

Does the mind always attract garbage?! EVERYTHING!

One thing is certain: at this second, we all have several thoughts in our minds and then in the next second … Your mental health depends a lot on what you encourage your mind to breast-feed. Why promote mental illness in the past, or through constant critical thinking?

Say NO to garbage! You are neither a dumping yard nor your precious mind! Think about it!

It is easy to be too loving!

Why waste the extra hour late in the night rubbing the eyes of someone who doesn’t even mind saying hello after their jobs have been done?

In addition, there is still a small scope for discussions with the people you want to give you some extra time and they do not matter because you are equally important.

Freeze the golden rule: what you have to do is to get to know anyone without being told, for no reason. Freeze the golden rule.

The world is a family of ours! REALLY

It is high time that one sets the fairly essential worlds and domains of all the people in our life. It is strongly not advised to do anything for others, and then end up in a position in which people try to take unfair advantage of your godly existence.

Hello to true world!

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