4 Wonderful stuff that will occur after a week’s silence

Taking the vow of silence in Hindu philosophy, which otherwise was known as’ Mauna,’ it is a ritual intended for you to achieve new levels of consciousness.

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It is extremely easy to get caught up in both the past and the present, but how many days do you really live in today? Yes, with every second passing, your physical self remains, but your conscious mind can’t be said the same. Regrets and errors from the past are indicative of the decisions and chances you have made to make your future, and you can feel nervous and uncertain where you are now.

A vow of silence is a ritual that is intended to help you reach higher levels of consciousness. This pledge is also called’ Mauna’ in Hindu philosophy. This helps to keep the monsters from your past and those you can think about in the future from being eaten. It helps you to go in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than just “going through the motions.”

Having promised to be quiet and conscious over the last week at least, here are four wonderful things:

Your senses and vision are improving

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Since you don’t devote too much time to needless thoughts and words anymore, your senses are enhanced to make you feel better than ever before. You literally change the way you view reality. Colors are brighter, sounds are louder, the interaction with the world is increasing.

You can alter or delete the concept of who you are.

You can not plan or respond to something with a vow of silence. In conditions and situations that happen in your life, arguments and justifications can no longer be used to function. You will live just as you are right now. Your identity and social responsibilities, which everyone expects of you and that has helped you develop, disappear.

It ceases to work right and wrong

The notion of’ good and bad’ is something which many people try to let go of. Particularly when we are children involved in good and bad. Receive praise, do something nice. Don’t do something wrong, get punishment. Good and bad are subjective words when in reality. There is no objectively positive or poor event or circumstance, we attribute that importance to ourselves.

If you shed your social identity and just live, then your energy starts to blend with your external energies and vibrations. Place yourself in the current of life, go wherever it goes, without hesitation rather than being rigid and static.

The subconscious avoids thinking about issues

Language is an instrument that human beings use to communicate. Every word was created to express a thought, a feeling, an emotion, etc. Words trap you in their limits. Have you ever felt something you can’t just explain to another person? A word that you talked about seemed limited because your experience wasn’t completely captured by the word?

The mind can not use words for thought through a vow of silence. And when you don’t have words to speak with anymore, the impressions themselves tend to fill your mind. Your reasoning gets larger and larger-thoughts and emotions that help you see the world differently.

The most complicated part of all that is the part you will get all out of. A vow of silence helps you get there, but eventually, you need to realize that you have to truly and genuinely release your vocabulary and conventional thought to achieve these results. The bottom line? You encourage the mind to take charge by trying to let go. This can’t be pushed to let go, it’s something you simply have to let go.

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