5 reasons for starting cycling today


Since we were young, most of us have ridden bicycles. This is how we walked our neighborhoods to the homes of our friends, the park or the market. We started with tricycles and we have been moving to motorcycles as our bodies evolved. Most of us gave up our bikes for cars when we received our driver’s license. However, a number of them continued to cycle for fun and took it as a sport even further. These are intelligent people because cycling has so many wonderful advantages that you haven’t known!

Get to your destination quicker than a Lamborghini could ever get

You hate traffic if you’re anything like other men. Traffic is so congested in most big cities that you travel at 7 mph speed. The good news is that three eternities do not have to be taken to work. You’re going to get there quicker than a Lamborghini will ever be able to do. In reality, when you live in the major cities of Philadelphia, PA and Tucson, AZ, Austin, TX, Denver, CO, OR, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, Washington D.C., San Jose, CA, Indianapolis, IN, and New York City, NY, are more likely than you would like to drive.

Renew your appreciation for the little things in life

These days they are all wearing as a sign of pride “being busy.” The more you are distracted, the happier you are. Nonetheless, none can be far from the facts. Take the time to appreciate the world and to appreciate the little things that exist in your life. Not only Zen’s theory has been proven scientifically that she is thankful for all the little things of life. Discover the neighborhood’s streets and parks and travel rather than to a supermarket.

Expect your mates and exercise them

In research, cyclists live for 6 months longer than non-cyclists in the Netherlands. And these six additional months don’t take much to gain – in Holland, the average citizen is about 75 minutes a week.

Other academic studies have demonstrated even more advantages. Cycling increases the ability of your brain to react quicker and better decision-making, improves your heart health and dramatically increases concentration, says Vanderbilt University. Cycling does not only produce endorphins to combat stress and depression.

And eventually, cycling uses your whole body and strengthens your heart. It will get you back to your own dream body (or should we say pedal).

Feel and look younger again, truly

Skincare commercials are infamous to motivate you to appear 10 years younger by using your magic cream. However, the way to do this is easier and cheaper. You thought it was: cycling!

It doesn’t just look smaller; it also involves feeling it. Cyclists older than 55 years of age find Kings College in London and Birmingham University have work rates equivalent to a younger person. Yes, it took fewer sick days five times a week for people cycling 30 minutes a day.

And one of the best benefits that researchers at Kings College have found was that cyclists had only better sex lives. But we’ll be a little humble – because they’re healthy, they’re running, not because they’re cycling.

Reduce your footprint for emissions

Your carbon footprint is naturally minimized by not driving. Yet you have a bit more eco-friendliness.

You will appreciate the world more as a cyclist, one of the greatest improvements you can undergo. You can miss the elegance of a metal box that blasts new pop music, which is surrounded by you. You can get closer to nature by feeling the warm wind flowing down your face under a canopy of lush summer trees. The transition will spread to all aspects of life before you wear eco-friendly bike clothes (if you are a fan of plaid). This small change.


People are going a long way to protect their health and the environment. It must not be too difficult, however. Cycling is one of the few extremely practical and immensely useful practices. So, get your bike out there and begin to conquer the world!

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