5 Reasons Smart People fight when they come to love

Smart men are much worse off. Sometimes their “smart” nature causes more problems than they solve. We usually do not know how to handle their heart by way of life.


Because at one point almost everyone finds out, partnerships are some of the harshest things in your life ever. People are too complex, special and resilient to go somewhere else. This also means, sadly, that we are likely to behave irrational and to do irrational things.

Smart people make it worse still. Often their “smart” nature causes more problems than it solves. Five reasons why smart people are struggling a bit in romantic relationships:

You are very critical

When attempting to overcome their current problems, intelligent individuals often rely on previous experiences and outcomes. Unfortunately, this means that they frequently draw conclusions too quickly and not allow the situation to take place by themselves. And, instead of waiting for what to see, they are inclined to skip boat at the first sign of trouble.

They’re struggling to lower their guard

Learning the things that could be wrong in a relationship helps smart people not take down their doors and let strangers in. They opened up and got burned up in the past, and they won’t let the same thing happen again. It leaves them cold and inaccessible, which they don’t like at all.

We are easy and straightforward

They’re basically too straight to the point that it’s a mistake. We don’t hesitate to say what they think, sometimes leading some to look at them as vulgar. But they do not avoid being blunt for the sake of others, which intense circumstances can be hard to deal with.

You seem to pick your head over your heart

Smart people use the strength of their brains to solve every question of their lives. Yet they still don’t know how to balance their heart with their body. They are not completely aware of the powerful feelings and desires of the heart, so they typically tend to totally ignore it.

These partnerships also prefer personal achievement

Intelligent people are still living a career which has been confirmed by academic achievement. You know in which fields of life you excel, but sometimes you tend to spend a lot of time doing stuff you can’t understand instead of investing time and energy upon a relation.

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