5 Signs you’re really a beautiful Angel of the Earth

You sound like you have given back your old souls to Earth to rejuvenate it. These are the most selfless people that you ever encounter, and you may be one!


Earth angels are really the people in today’s world whose purpose is to disseminate light. As such, it is also called “lightworkers” or people who are committed to spreading positivity in any area of life. It does not accept hate, abuse, injustice or bigotry, but is merely aimed at harmonizing the people of the world. Angels on earth and lightworkers typically have ancient souls. And, they feel like they have brought their old souls back to the Earth to rejuvenate them. These are the most selfless people that you ever encounter, and you may be one!

Of course, you have increased your senses


Earth angels also have feelings that are highly sensitive to the world’s problems. This sensation is often daunting, which makes the angel feel weak and powerless. They continue to tire of the events on Earth and look for change. They are fragile in nature and strive for solitude and serenity, avoiding the intense stimulation of the outside world.

Your time is clear


Because of the sensitivities of the lightworker, they also take more time to charge energy levels by themselves. We enjoy spending time relaxing and meditating and planning for future encounters. We reflect beautifully in nature and enjoy looking inside to fix their damaged components. You understand that you must be at your best to start changing the world.

You need to look after other people


Empathy is a hallmark attribute of the Angel of Earth. You may be Earth Angel because you are the one who will always support people with their problems and grievances. You know that you are suffering well, and you try hard to protect your fellow man. The lonely souls love becoming a safe haven.

You have a sharp intuition


Lightworkers have very good intuitive abilities because their instincts have always relied on decision making. Logic and logic are important, but the lightworkers know how important it is to listen to the heart. They are assured that, as long as they open up, the world will give them the positive role they seek. It’s just a matter of deeper communication.

You know like you have an end in mind


Angels and lightworkers on Earth are healers who perceive themselves as healers. You did so, because it is your passion, whether you have chosen your career path to support others, like a social worker, a trainer or a massage therapist (among many).

The Earth Angel’s other attribute is the need to break from the mold. You don’t want to imitate others, rather than launch your own path no matter whether it is approved or not. The last thing that a lightworker needs to be is “natural.”

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