5 strategies for preserving concepts


Throughout our everyday lives, we need a continuous provision of ideas for doing things or for achieving them more frequently.

What’s an idea, then? “According to James Webb Young, a new idea is not a new combination of old elements. However, to add the old elements together, Young told us that it is essentially the ability to use the old elements in different combinations.



It is easy, change the scenery, get out, take a taxi, stroll or tour, and just enjoy. Observe the things, the men, and the place. It works out your mind and brings fresh ideas when you get to know new situations.

Try Meditation


Underrated is silence. If you are quiet, your brain may just want to fill the void with ideas!

Moreover, consciousness can be achieved through meditation that helps to create an observant and therefore creative mind.

Feed Your Mind


Knowing other ideas will expand your outlook and help you find new ways of making your ideas workable. And so, read more books, read more posts, forums, watch TED talks, hear various ideas from various places, different cultures, different platforms. All of this will benefit you, and not just float ideas through your brain in different ways.

 Ask for Opinions


Requesting input from various types of people that appear to be uninfluenced will help to develop new viewpoints and thus generate ideas.



Naturally, no one was made. It is practice and dogmatism that master the technique of holding ideas running. You yourself have to trust in the process; otherwise, you and your ideas are constrained by doubt!

Ultimately, I want to suggest that the execution of thoughts is not difficult. We need long and continuous perseverance in mind training; as ideas don’t work if you don’t!

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