7 Ways to Boost your child’s Brain


Every parent wants their baby’s best. Once children are small, they are like sponges, absorb knowledge and learn in light speed. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to help your kit of joy meet its capacity and improve its brain growth. Yes, there are some simple steps that may assist you in fostering and promoting your child’s brain growth, if you do not wish or can’t engage in various types of classes.

Stick your words

It’s funny how we spend many years educating our children to keep their language not out, because it’s difficult, particularly in public. If your kid is 3 months old, keep your language in many ways and give your baby time to do it again during the slide change or playtime. This will allow you to quickly facilitate language control, which can be helpful in the development of eating and speaking. You’ll also start interacting with your child in this way.

Tummy time

Put your child on your stomach when the child is six months old to develop physical strength and coordination. Lying next to your little one during the tummy season, talk to him, make your baby look in the mirror or take toys to have fun for you both this time.

Enjoy the fabrics

Find out a lot of clothing and let your child explore it as you watch it (which is not easily swallowed by your little one). Speak about them in vivid, descriptive language as your child studies the fabrics. Through its senses, your child will learn and grow a good vocabulary later on.

Play with the kid

Interacting and playing with your child is essential to the successful development of the brain. Simple stuff, such as playing with mom or dad, can help kids develop a good relationship with their parents and help create friendships, part of a team, collaborate with others and establish safe and intimate ties. It is free to play with your kids, but the importance of this is big. Nowadays, girls and boys aged 2 years will develop motor skills, hearing, and creativity with stimulating toys. They are also available. You can also make and play toys with your kids.

Big or little

Children aged 2 to 3 love to sort various articles and put in ‘large’ and ‘small’ bins. Encourage your child to do so and you will teach him about the concepts big and small and foster his early mathematical skills.

Switch to the radio

Children create millions of neural pathways per day, which they use for the processing of knowledge during their lives. Such paths are one form of easily stimulating cognitive, social and emotional growth and listening to music. Switch on the radio to show you various styles of music that vary by tone and meter, or make a playlist for your smaller machine.


It is a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to sing with your son. But it’s also a perfect way to promote brain development. Hold your baby near you and exaggerate the movement of your lips. Even, if your baby wants to mimic her, to send you positive reinforcement that encourages more spontaneous interaction of sound and movement. Sing slowly and quickly, sing loudly and gently, and rock your baby into the spell of an album.

Decide what might be the best thing for your developing boy, but don’t worry. You will improve your baby’s brain growth and then grow rich language, thought and planning skills by providing your child with caring, motivating and enjoyable interactions that enhance language.

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