8 Habits to kill the preparation of your competitive exams



Too far to delay it all? Do you want to answer this problem or research it one day later? Too long to do the work? Congratulations, on entering the biggest community of citizens – Procrastination. This tops up the list of activities that could seriously harm the whole system.

Pull your pants up! Pull your boots up!

Sleeping too much

Okay, taking rest is an important part of your daily schedule, particularly if your examinations are overwhelming. But you do not consume too much benefit just because today you have solved two additional problems?

Social Media

Unhealthy and frequent login on your social media accounts may indicate very little attention and poor results. If you are not or are ready for the next test, you should encourage your friends to share unsensual eco-political points of view!

There’s too much food

Are you the one who takes a lot of snacks and enjoys heavy dinners during study breaks? Nutrition must rest the stomach and eat just sufficiently. Heavy foods, slow your metabolism, make you sick, and not energy-conscious.


Too reliant on the clever kid you’d love to teach you the question in your class at the last minute? Or maybe that teacher who lets you ask any question, any time? Give it a thought. Just give it a thought. If your clever best friend or your teacher helped you out, you’re very blessed. Since they’re too busy with you in certain situations! (There was a lot during the Exams!)

Late Start

Think of the hare that won the race against the poor tortoise who began studying a month earlier? When you do, re-adjust your confidence. Since the sooner you begin, your pre-exam day is more relaxing.

Not participating in classes

Too big an intelligent ass to dream of being a classroom member? Ok, maybe one of you. But more than you know the curriculum. You may find that teachers have this slight nuance of sharing some likely question or trick during the examination, even if the rest of your lecture was BS. So, look out! So, look out!

Stress in staff and professionals

While it is a small number of students, this is your grade’s largest disaster. Hey, puke up your emotional frustration in a safe place (trustful family and friend) and get ready for something important. Seek to avoid it for a few days before your exam if you don’t want to do so.

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