Earth Day for Earth Life

Earth day should be a celebration, just because they live other living things

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We should have Earth Day, there is no way. What Earth Day is the question?

Many coexistence versions of Earth Day have always been available, as many ecological versions have always been there. The emphasis on environmental policies was on the first Earth Day, but there could be no specific agenda involving the millions of those who participated. Calling on “black ecology,” concentrating on infrastructure, pollution and inequality, criticisms of development and capitalism, and perspectives on theological ecology ranging between reframatized Christianity and Western Buddhism were also included in environmental policies. The 1990 Earth Day saved the rain forests of the Amazon and tamed the ozone, but the most extreme people who took part were protesters who stopped the World Trade Organization in the battle of Seattle in 1999.

Today, the Earth Day is about climate change almost unavoidably, because the crisis is essentially huge. I’d imagine they might equate it with the climate strikes if you asked people arbitrarily about Earth Day. The events look very similar: people of all ages, but particularly children, who come together with images of the earth and call for political action to end the devastation of the environment.

The environmental movement and the Earth Day Network will support the reinvention brought about by climate change. Earth Day should symbolize how things have to change drastically. This means accepting the concept that saving the planet will need infrastructure policy: transport, food systems, city planning and regional planning-all around the human world. And that in effect calls for policy where the greatest attention is provided to these transformations: the Green New Deal, the Sunrise Revolution, the climate strikes.

Why an infrastructure policy? For the world makes all of us hypocrites. Each human being has at least 2000 tons of infrastructure, such as highways, homes, pipelines and cables. We get in for all we do: work, be with your kids, find food, and stay warm. Without that technical exoskeleton, we would hardly survive as a species. It is much more important than individual decisions that it decide our environmental impact. I may pick my way across the city, but my carbon emissions are decided by the city itself.

Because we need festivals to make a difference between the lives we have and the lives we need to imagine, before we change our built world to make peace in the world. The Earth Day needs to be a matter of urgency to restructure the modern world in order to continue living.

But Earth Day should not only become another attack on the climate. There are reasons to stay distinct, though. Earth Day and the global movement for change have to be related. We should all be concerned about the environment, since it is a matter of justice, stability and the political economy, not to mention the sustainability of humanity.

But the environmental movement is not similar to that of the civilization-saving movement. There is also something else that environmentalism offers. It is about the importance of non-human animals, the creation or non-human gain of habitats and the concept of the wilderness, which is both troublesome and precious.

The day of the world should be a celebration for those who would like to remind us that we should encourage other creatures to live because they are alive and that places that have nothing to do with us should be protected to the greatest extent possible. Solidarity with other people is now important and compassion for all that lives is necessary. Earth Day is about making the two real.

This article was published in the edition “Earth Day for Earth Life” in March / April 2020.

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