Elon Musk wants a new starship, Every 72 hours so that he can colonize Mars

Elon Musk raises his workforce for rocket construction— large time. Ars Technica visited SpaceX, Texas, where Musk arranged the Sunday morning meeting at 1:00 a.m. A lot has to be unpacked here.

In the beginning, Musk worries that our window of chance to reach Mars closes — so we hurry up. After 1 a.m. SpaceX has hired more than 250 new staff in two days, a near doubling of the number of employees.

The day after the massive implosion of the Starship project, Ars Technica visited the news earlier this week. As a direct result of faulty welds, the SN1 prototype blew up. Everybody knew this was a defective prototype and told Musk that he never wanted to fly real anyway when he asked.

However, it is alarming because “SpaceX is constructing its Starship plant here every 72 hours,” says Ars Technica. This means that its Texas facilities would require enormous wind breaks, find massive, yet strong, sky-high protective networks to stack Starships safely. “We will need 1,000 ships on the order and each one of these would have a payload greater than the Saturn V —and would be reusable, I believe,” said Musk.

Let’s break down, it’s funkers.

Right now, no reusable rocket, no fuel, and no time. The Space Shuttle was the first spacecraft reusable that is something else and significant. The shuttle began as a rocket, but dropped enormous jet boosters and fuel tanks in the orbit, as opposed to horizontal airplane or jets-type start-up.

Saturn V was the most powerful rocket ever developed to bring to the moon, designed to carry many items, i.e. all its boosters and fuel and its payload capacity of 90,000 livres. Many rockets may have heavier payloads, but they are almost exclusively in low-earth orbit because countries have stopped sending people to the moon. Musk asks more than one significant question.

Musk’s vision may well be a moon shot, but his thoughts and plans for the future that he imagines for humanity are realistic.

Musk says that if we want a long-term life on more than one planet, communities across the world have to be secure and prosperous, even if the next supply ship is delayed or never materialised. In this way, resources that are far beyond what most current proposals manage mean that 1,000 ships possess the earth.

You will only get one (or five!) healthy soil with 1,000 vessels. Dozens of people can have only breathable air, which is liquefied. The just fertilizer used every year by Americans is ninety million pounds. It’s so much to get into space, but in earth terms it’s very little.

Musk told Ars Technik, “Success is not guaranteed. It is romantic to use a huge underestimation to represent what may be the most ambitious project people have spent real money and time in this way. But one of the secrets of Musk’s unquestionable achievement is how much you cheer for his dream.

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