Every day I wake up to do these five things

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I haven’t been a human every morning. 30 minutes before I had to work, I rolled out of bed and I was stressed and hurried, because I didn’t have enough time to get up and to be mentally ready for my day to catch as much as possible. I woke early and missed a shower to breakfast so I was always distracted, changed my routine and focused my early morning hours. I was always distracted.

Knowing that I know I’ll be in the mood for the rest of my day, at least two hours before I get to go somewhere, I wake up. It gives me a way of waking up and getting ready for a successful day. I know it can be very tempting to stay in bed all morning and have as many extra minutes as possible, but I promise to make a morning routine that will take you out of bed and to make sure you are well prepared for the day –to follow mine and try it.

  • Stretch. When I wake up, I stretch the body, check it while I lie in bed, think about the tightness or tightness that parts of my body have, and then focus on increasing the tension.

  • Affirm. I do my own affirmations— my favorite part of the day— in which I thank myself for all I did the day before, show me the pips that I must have done in a simple and engaging way, offer gratitude and love. If you want to try, I encourage you to write affirmations and read them in a document or journal before you memorize these.

  • Meditate. I meditate about 20 minutes once I have asserted myself am new to the world of meditation and my mind moves a little, but I know you should forgive and encourage yourself to continue without judgment. If that happens, I know. I’m still new in the meditation world. Meditations have so many advantages, including increased tension and anxiety, and the enhancement of mental well-being and self-confidence (two things I struggle with).

  • Shower. I take a shower after my meditation. I still showered at night to sleep long, but I noticed that there was a feeling of relaxation in the morning… I don’t think you should be waking better than sprinkling water on your face and wiping off yourself the day before. So, before bed, I started picking out our clothes. I was sick of the chilled mess “What do I wear?” It came to me on a school morning. It not only reduces my anxiety but also allows me more time to exercise in the morning, making me feel healthy.

  • Fuel. I make breakfast the last part of our morning routine. I take my vitamins and drink a glass of (or two) water to get hydrated with a good breakfast usually made up of fruits smoothie and some seeds bread toast. Just after I got my meal, I’m going to make lunches for classes or daytime work.

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