Every year 1.7 million children are killed by polluting environments, WHO Says

The conditions such as diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia also affect children who are exposed to these environments, causing up to 1.7 million infant deaths per year.

A young boy wears a mask to protect against air pollution in Beijing. SHUTTERSTOCK

Says That Pollution is a field of controversy that has been under-emphasis for quite a long time and while many people might think that it is fatigue or something which is incapable of consideration, the fact that it does not improve the situation is not altered. World Health Organization reports a quarter of the total deaths of children due to pollution at the least half of all the global deaths of infants under five because of pollution.

At least 1/5 of the world’s deaths of children less than five years of age were recorded by the World Health Organization, which states that toxic or polluted conditions with dirty waters, smoking, and negligence in terms of hygiene was induced.

Their evolving immune system and organ growth, and smaller organisms and airways are making them especially susceptible to contaminated air and water.” “They are creating a harsh environment for children, “said WHO Director-General Margaret Chan.

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Children who suffer from the same conditions also suffer from diarrhea, measles and pneumonia, causing up to 1.7 million deaths per year.

The WHO study* Heritage of a Healthy World: Atlas for the wellbeing of children and the environment* describes how exposure to these conditions begins at the womb and extends into early childhoods. This not only raises the risk of health conditions, including asthma but increases the probability of heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

There are higher risks for children living in houses without access to basic services like proper sanitation and clean water or near to unclean fuels being burned.

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Maria Neira, a WHO expert who has called on policymakers worldwide to work harder to provide healthier environments for the public and their children, said:’ Investing in the reduction of environmental threats to health, such as improved water quality or using more renewable fuels would result in significant health benefits.

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