Fight Together Against CORONA VIRUS

For over 03 months the new Coronavirus 2019 (covid 19) has loomed over our heads, rapidly spreading and wreaking havoc, leaving almost everyone in constant fear of plagues, sickness, and death.

With Covid 19 reaching almost every country on the planet; prevention and steadily overcoming this danger has become a priority and this duty falls on all of us.

What we believe in, who we are and where we come from pales in comparison to the importance of unity that is needed to fight this virus. It is all of our responsibility, as humans, to empathize and help each other, adhering to the preventive measures set by the health organizations.

It is important to realize that the danger this plague presents is very real. It’s not just about people being sick and dying. The aftermath of COVID 19 has left economies depleted, affecting the lives of countless and dulling the future prospects of many countries, and while governments are scrambling to fight this disaster, it is our obligation to be level headed and united, because together is how we survive.

By Kavisha Gimhani Writer @agoramag

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