Five signs (a lot) of money you will make in the future

But you must hate that you have broken in order to do the work that is needed to become financially flexible.

The only people who hate to be broken, but cannot find the way out are the really poor. People of the middle class? You don’t really want it bad enough. They don’t hate the stress of living pay checks to pay for them.

I cannot tell you how many times I have planned a future for where I have no money and at a visceral level, it frightened me. Honestly, I was more frightened than inspired to make money that was broken.

Why does this happen? It’s frustrating because it’s broken.

I would fight with my partner over money, stress on situations like the story with which I started the post, and I just noticed people struggling to get around and I can’t understand how to live the rest of my life.

You have almost to have a sense that it’s broken, even if, naturally, it doesn’t go wrong.

As a video store manager for $10/hr, I remember. I would get Tacos and John’s. I would go get tacos. The sign said “hire… 11 dollars per hour.” I put in all this work to make fewer damned tacos than anybody. Nope.-Nope. I don’t. Don’t always.

Rich dad Poor Dad, I used to hear the book repeatedly when I had to put the signs to the shown films out on the car park. Plotting.-Plotting. Patient. Patient. I’m not going to be broke one day.

Now?-Now? I’m not wealthy, but I haven’t broke anymore. And the whole thing was worth it.

Let all the others be happy. You? Do you? Get pissed up. Get pissed. Take advantage of this frustration so that you do not stop.

You understand that you don’t have a job, you know it is impossible to have a real financial flexibility and good fortune with a job alone, even though you do have a task now (which is the clever thing to do while creating a side jam).

Investments Real Estate Media and technology (e.g. You can use You as a marketing tool for your product or business) Having a single source of income places you in a continuous loop of the middle clap, something you can scale up and something that can provide income for you without your own direct labor: intellectual property (e.g. books)

See, it isn’t only the risk, yes the danger, of getting a single income source that’s a concern, but the contreproductive culture that the most wage-earning society claims to be: borrowing, borrowing, and borrowing some more…

You need your money or effort to get to work for you at some point if you want wealth, flexibility or anything you call it.

However, how can you do the necessary work to construct these asset cars?


Are you willing to spend years of life pursuing the rich? They’re just slow. They’re slow. Amazingly late.

Not only that, but at the beginning, you make little or no cash.

In my YouTube channel I talk about this all the time. All the great things that compound life: Warren Buffet Skills Investments Networks did not become a billionaire until he was in its sixties. I would have to change it into’ exponential growth.’ The last thirty or so years of aggregation brought him to insane wealth.

It is psychologically difficult to get together: leave money on an account for decades, building profitable skills for half a decade, studying business, marketing, persuasion and building your network.

But five years’ is my educated guess. I don’t have the exact number.

Something good will happen when you’ve tinkered around with business, freelancing or investing without stopping for 5 years.

“Spend every day trying to be a little more intelligent than when you woke up.” you’re Humble Basically to be a life student. Day after day, and at the end of the day, as many people are living long enough, you will get what you want out of life. “— Charlie Munger Interestingly, people broke, it seems, are the most confident of all. I watched Munger recently for an interview. What was most remarkable? He always failed to say, “I do not know,” every time he was not sure or almost certain of a response. Very rich people are often much more intellectually humble than middle class people. It has coaches, mentors, advisors and teams. You constantly soak in new information and never think you have figured out everything.

Watch Diddy’s and Ray Dalio’s interview.

Diddy, who has a net worth of 100,000,000, asks with sincere humility Dalio, his mentor. Diddy has to listen to nobody, and until the day he dies, he can blow money, but he treated information with respect most styles “happy with what they have.”

Knowledge is the only thing between the majority and more money.

You did not break any big conspiracy. Certainly not billionaires ‘ fault. It’s because you don’t understand money, if you don’t have money. Learn how to get it when you don’t understand money. Simple.

Only this week, I began to deceive information about: real estate dividends inventory taxes (yes, boring assets) long and short-term debt cycles asset allocation commodities, I’m finally moving all this knowledge towards my “circle of competence.” Even as I have learned to make money without previous experience on the internet and have no degree in writing as a professional writer.

What is it like? I’ve been reading 100 books, looking at thousands of video hours and practicing for five years each day.

Back to the dedication to time. It’s not a concern for me to spend a decade studying this. What is the reason? I like learning because I know that compounds of learning.

You can figure out everything when you are ready to learn— books, podcasts, courses and YouTube videos.

“Free training throughout the Internet is plentiful. It’s a desire to learn that’s scarce.”-I don’t understand how Naval Ravikant people who own YouTuber smartphones say they don’t have access to resources. BS. Business. YouTube is a mine of gold— most people use it incorrectly.

You just have to admit at some point that you’re lazy and… stopped.

There are no exceptions at the information age.

Math Wake up, you’re good! Nobody will save you. Nobody will care for your family or retirement. And for you, nobody will find out “make stuff.” All you have to do is use every moment of the day on a 10x level. “—Grant Cardone You only know you need a lot of money when you’re good at mathematics. Yes, need. Yes, need.

Millions of dollars are needed to retire in good time. Add your children and their financial future to the ability to have amazing experiences like traveling and the time to enjoy your life without having to work all the time.

Look around and see how people live. The heat. The stress. Right now, you need more money than you do. Above all, you need more flexibility and more revenue than you currently have.

Don’t waste your time again if you’re young like me (30). I can only imagine how it feels like being old or middle aged without saving money.

You would have earned $2500,000 with a modest salary of $50,000 over the whole of your work, 50 years (22-72). It seems soul-crushingly sad and foolish, but to make all that money and end up with little or nothing. It makes me sick when I think about it.

See, they are the people who claim that they don’t care the most about money. You fuck the fuck. They keep the Joneses alive and upgrade their way of life as their income increases and their debts accumulate along the way.

Be smart. Be clever.

Look at the way it works and create a plan. Gain more money and maintain low living costs. This is the recipe. This is the recipe. I’m “gray,” but I drive a car of $2.500 and live in a double room of $1.300 while people who make less than me drive BMWs and have gigantic homes.

I did math. I did the math. I’m okay to look broken by the next decade to be rich.

Just as Marshawn Lynch said: “Take care of your chicken.” He said he was not using any of his NFL’s contract money, and he had only received endorsements from them. Stick them out, stick them out, and wait them out. You’re going to see enough soon.

Stay low, grind, and get yourself back into it.

Everything’s going to work.

CREDIT – Ayodeji Awosika

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