Five ways to improve flexibility

Try to boost energy, eat enough protein and lower stress in a warm bath in tai chi, pilates or yoga. And give time – make your life part of it

  • Choose the best workout

For improving NHS versatility, yoga, pilates, tai chi, and stretching are all recommended. While pilates and yoga focus on strength and flexibility, yoga is generally considered to focus more closely on enhanced joint movement. “There are plenty of possibilities for lengthening the muscles within physical movement,” says Chris Magee, Psycle London head of yoga. Tai chi loosens and stretches the entire body. It is usefully adapted to a variety of abilities, particularly for persons with limited mobility, recovery from injury or equilibrium problems.

  • Ensure that adequate protein is available

Claire Fudge, clinic dietitian and British Dietetic Association spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, says no direct relationship between diet and increased flexibilities but it is a good move to include good quality protein in a balanced diet. If collagen from protein building blocks is paired with vitamin C, joint pain can be minimized, tendons can be strengthened and healing can be improved, says Fudge. “It may help reduce muscle pain after workout, although it will not be a wondrous cure for making somebody more flexible.”

  • Still practice practice

“There’s no versatility that can adjust quickly,” Macguigan says. “With a static stretching system, it takes time and a concerted effort. The flexibility you need will depend on your lifestyle. In general, repetitive main tasks like bending to put socks are appropriate for everyday activities. It depends on the type of workout in a sporting setting, Kay says. A wide range of motions helps to reduce the risk of damage to tennis, squash, running, gymnastics and arts of the martial arts.

  • Take a warm bath

Macguigan thinks it is worth a try while while a warm bath or shower can have more psychological advantage. “The natural protective response of the muscle is part of what you have to overcome in stretching and increasing flexibility. If you can relax your muscles via a warm shower or bath, you can get more out of the stretch because of the good, warm and relaxed muscles you start.

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