Here are some synchronicity signs, which are mostly written off

People closely connected will encounter these slight moments in which things appear to match perfectly.


Events happen often in life, and our first response is to ask, “Oh, what happiness? “Apparently minor things are still synchronic, and they are unintended for all of us. A few nights ago, for example, I was thinking of calling my good friend I didn’t talk to. Very interestingly, at the same time, he called me! For years we had not seen each other, and here we both tried to meet each other.

Synchronicity represents our ties with the rest of the planet. People closely connected will encounter these slight moments in which things appear to match perfectly. It is because everything is connected in some way on the spiritual plane. The next time you see something amazing, whether it is a newly opened parking area or a crazy, unbelievable work proposal, you will know that it is because of your connection and not just luck.

Synchronicity symptoms which are mostly written down

You will now begin to remember them more frequently, because you know synchronization. Below is a short list of synchronicity symptoms to which attention should be paid.

  1. Look at the clock only to see a number sequence. 11:11, 12:34, 12:12, 22:22 for examples. Although a certain set of numbers can last only for 60 seconds at most, you have looked at this short time exactly. It is assumed that this form of synchronicity represents an end.
  2. You whistle or smoke a certain track and then the track appears on the radio or on TV unexpectedly.
  3. For a while, in your life, you have been looking at great choices or questions as you know that the universe tries to send you clues on how to actually make your choice. The world knows what’s best for you and is aligned with this.
  4. You encounter other individuals unexpectedly, who somehow have the best advice or knowledge about the problems you are trying to solve. You still haven’t even been able to tell exactly what’s wrong, but this guy you met seems to have the answers.
  5. A loved friend offers you something that you felt you could get for yourself, even though you never spoke to anyone.

Both of these are synchronic signs, and synchronicity is an indication of you being on the right road, so accept it!

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