How do you cope with good things?

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Have you ever thought that something good is going on with you, and the next thing you think it will go wrong now? And then, what happened to you? What happened? You might work or have something you wanted, connect with somebody with whom you wanted to communicate, get a good education in the school, receive fine news about a coming promotion, or be rewarded for good work. It might be at your job or in your relationships. Then inside you say a little voice, “You just wait. This won’t last. “It happened to me recently. Throughout my case, I felt a sense of happiness and satisfaction and tried to support others who had no such background in their own lives. It almost felt, “I cannot recognize my good absolutely until people around me always feel their good.” This feeling I think goes back to a primitive tribal idea that your emotions depend on how you feel throughout the tribe. When I wrote about the gods of Greece, I constantly storied how humans gave themselves to the gods to thank them for getting what they wanted, or were punished. The gods, like a reward, were given gifts. And then there is clearly the utter misguided puritanical conviction that we have to continue paying our dues, and even if things are perfect, there is a feeling that it doesn’t really deserve to be done. Secondly, we doubt our achievements, not believe them entirely and not accept them.

Dream of something going on right now in your life. It could be small or big. You may want to start a fitness or diet program and improve or your relationships expand. Click something right now— including something small, such as the fact that your flight is on time. Talk about the goodness of that specific situation. Think about it. It’s almost like the opening of your heart and you embrace this gratitude goodness. If you think it doesn’t last, laugh at it. Deflect it by not giving it any energy or attention and be sure that you believe it and don’t manipulate it. Try to be aware of where the thought comes from, as well. Such feelings are so often born from an inner terror. We may consciously work to remove these concerns inside us if we are aware of them. Remember that the thinking is old, outdated, and no longer valid. Do not allow it to deprive you of your joy and happiness— and of your worth of good things that go much better.

Get yourself used to building on your accomplishments. Develop on and appreciate any small achievement. I remember having a mentor for arranging my files once. I remember. I remember. She told me I should keep a progress file. She told me to make a color whatever I would like, so I made it a bright yellow file with a beautiful butterfly above. She told me to put something into a manuscript note any time anything went well, I wrote “Agapi’s Performance Record.” I look at this file to this day and enjoy registering and sharing each of my wins, big and small. “Life is for you,” my mother used to say. It’s important to stay by yourself and record all the things that work well in your life. So, you are better for you too.

The main thing is to take all the good little things (and good things) that are going on with you, and encourage yourself to take them completely and to enjoy them.

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