How to return to the ground after the pandemic

And when you focus on helping others, you can find time for happier times.


This is a time of trouble. We have a few tough months ahead, no matter what happens. During this crisis, both internally and externally entrepreneurs must focus on doing the right thing for their families, their employers, their suppliers, consumers, and communities.

Although if history eventually leads to a pandemic, the economy recovers and things get back in a state of affairs. As addressed in a recent article in The Atlantic Monthly:

‚ÄúThere are two realistic ways to do this: ‘population-level immunity.’ One is vaccine production. Second, the disease spreads through the population and kills many people eventually, yet many more are gone and restored. The two paths will sadly last for one or two years, but normalcy is going to recover in the meantime.

Although the situation is complicated today, you also need to work hard to prepare how you get the company back on track when things get better. As the ancient add-on states, “Project failure does not happen.” Because.

I do not recommend a business proposal that is officially published because it requires so much wordsmithing. I would like to recommend you ask (and reply) a variety of questions that allow you to think about what to do and how to do it.

Where to begin here:


  1. How do we build a workforce free of health and disease?
  2. Since the open plan is not a choice, how are we going to restructure?
  3. What should interact and how much will workers be?


  1. How are we going to build a teamwork sense?
  2. What workers are going to start working from home?
  3. Why do we build on- for new chances quickly?


  1. How are we going to get more when there is an increase in demand?
  2. In the case of an aftershock, what will we stockpile?
  3. How do we reduce fragility in the supply chain?


  1. Why should we change our channels of distribution?
  2. How can we become less reliant on the face – meetings in the long term?
  3. How is our marketing slogan “We are back!” going to be?
  4. If you have no strategy for these fundamental problems at least, when your competition is ready to go for gangbusters, you will be caught a flat-. You must plan for the better time ahead for yourself and everyone on your squad. It’s going to lose that too.

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