Looking for an idea for a company? Turn what other people are complaining about the chance.

Murse World’s founder shared the pain that gave rise to an idea and set up a business.

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The idea and initiation of a company is not always done by calculated effort and brainstorming. At times, if you least expect this to happen, the inspiration comes on its own. That’s Murse World’s case where I live.

In 2011, Scott Topiol, then a college student at Los Angeles City College, found it difficult to shop at scrub. It says, “I wanted scrubs that weren’t necessarily unisexual and [not] fit like a package difficultly. Instead of complaining, Alex Mayzels, after a discussion, in which he stirred up his anger and fellow student, suggested, “Why don’t you start a shop for men’s scrubbings instead of complaints? And it was frustrating to go to stores which basically had some women’s things.”

Although he had no previous experience, he chose to do it, creating a supermarket for men, the Murse World. He learned in the process, here is what he learned.

Concept Testing

There were different reactions when Scott’s classmates heard the news. Some female students did not understand the point of this store, but it was really exciting for all male nursing students.

His research showed that many people did not even know that men’s scrubs were out— they assumed it to be all unisexual. He realized, therefore, that consumers ‘ education should be a major part of his business plan.

Make the company concept a fact

Starting a company isn’t a fainthearted task. It is sometimes challenging and often complicated but never easy to get a project off the ground. Scott’s role had to be immense in carrying out the myriad of details that had to be taken care of to start.

Some of the vendors initially reluctantly let Scott and his friend Alex who joined them, open their accounts, because only a couple of select products from each vendor would be supplied in their shop. The store focussed on a very limited, select part of its inventory and suppliers did not think that they could see sufficient profit to make this a worthwhile partnership.

Scott and Alex had to do more to convince standard nursing suppliers to send their unisex and men’s scrubs. “This was probably our biggest obstacle,” he says, thinking back to those earlier days, “with a few vendors it just got off the ground.”

Scott’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs

Like any company, Murse World began as a new company. It took a great deal of passion, perseverance and hard work for Scott to get him out of the field and make him a medical rehearsal player. He advised the aspiring entrepreneurs: “If you have an idea that sounds insane, but your intestine tells you it is a good idea. This is what we have done. Turn into an opportunity what others complain about!”

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