Only 1,000 fans are required to succeed

The indicators of success have grown.

You should make sure something they aspire to is a great follow-up on Instagram if you are asking an ambitious person. And we calculate the status of society. You can speak to a follower and learn, in pure quantities, whether or not in your field they are important.

It’s all about optics, though.

The reality is that, in essence, you don’t need many supporters to do whatever you want.

You need only 1,000 supporters to succeed.

Kevin Kelly provided this in his essay by the same title back in 2008, prior to the height of the Internet and the fans / followers concept. It was a big viral hit and has inspired people today.

“You do not need millions to be a good producer. You don’t need millions of dollars, millions of clients or millions of fans, “explains Kelly. “You only need thousands of fans to live as a craftsman, a photographer, an artist, a designer, an author, an entertainer, an app-maker, a contractor, or an inventor.”

You only need 1,000 people to buy $100 of a product from you each year to produce six-figure revenue.

You need 500 when you sell anything at $200.

These 1,000 fans are loyal to you, are directly connected to you and are influenced by your job. We then support you automatically, and without hesitation, with their friends and family.

Those fans are not just your customers, they are your most effective marketing tool, which over time leads to more of them.

The question is then, how do you actually buy these fans and how do you know if they are loyal to you for a long time?

He explains the concept similarly in Pat Flynn’s book Superfans. Kelly describes superfans as the 1,000 heart. Nevertheless, Flynn says that with more or less of that amount, you will achieve your goals.

You need a combination of the following to obtain and sustain these fans.

Create a product that changes life. You will want to share this with as many people as they can, by the sheer nature of the importance you have given them.

Build the society. Create the community. Whether it’s via a Facebook squad, or just a comment on your blog or Instagram, make yourself part of it. It’s even better if you are able to name your audience and give them something to motivate and encourage, and not just to label.

Get in touch directly. You have to negotiate with a true fan individually. If you respond to your email or message, or visit them in person, time spent to reach them is vital to your long-term success. A personality is all well, but a person develops loyalty only through genuine human connection.

The words of Kelly were never more appropriate than today.

Please be aware that you do not need a million people in a world where it seems as if the volume is far superior to the qualities.

Start with some of them and see how they grow.

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