The same explanation why you have failed

There is a self-help advice dimension that throws people away. It’s something that I am responsible for sometimes and I do my absolute best to discourage my habit of coming from this place of self-help.

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How do I speak about this?

I’m thinking about the idea that if you don’t try hard enough, you won’t succeed.

Some people do nothing all day on their ass. Most people work hard, they and their families take care of themselves. If it was a matter of commitment to achieve the sort of outcomes that you want for your life, we would all have those outcomes. Yet success doesn’t work like that.

Stop trying hard if you want to succeed. Then, continue to do this.

It’s like a cat to thrive. Sometimes it’s going to run away from you if you try to touch a cat directly.

This can come to sit in your lap if you neglect the cat for a while.

Progress can be amazing, like the cat.

Through definition, if you assume that success is something you seek, success means that it tries to escape you.

Gazelles are being chased by Cheetahs.

On the getaway, police are chasing criminals.

It’s quick to slip into the pit of only hitting the end of your efforts. This is not a worthwhile goal to achieve success by itself. It’s possible, but in the end you’ll lose your soul.

Instead, you can become successful if you do things that you enjoy. This is why, more than anything else, I just think about knowing your strengths.

You’d be “effective.” But most of us get caught up in hustle porn. If you’d leverage your natural abilities and focus only on that and actually walk your life for a long time. We bow to the efficiency altar and beat ourselves if we are not ideal robots to support ourselves.

As a means of an end, I see self-improvement. The aim is to get you to start focusing on the skills, companies and projects that will bring you success, not to seek it.

Yeah, you will work hard, but you don’t want to try hard.

I don’t know where the quote should be traced, but it’s… true. I have a paradoxical interpretation about the most important ideas in life.

You must take action to accomplish a objective on the one hand.

The results you want can’t be seen from the thin air of life, regardless of how much the secret suggests you can. In the other hand, on the other hand, you can’t “try hard.”

This “try hard” strength you don’t want to have.

This is an analogy example to use. Were you ever around an arrogant, but not confident person? They’re unnecessarily compensatory. They’re a “try hard.” They’re not just coming to be cool. The only way to be cool is to stop being cool.

You will see the effects in a similar fashion. It’s not that for your work, you don’t want more.

But you are not overconstituting, you have to use extreme fried amounts or you have to succeed. Find something that makes you interesting, something you want to do, and thrive as a bi-product.

There are some stuff I need to do about developing my writing career, but I am drawn to writing it myself. But I don’t go to them directly–income, rank, protection. I know that it will lead to the best possible authors, marketer, and producer.

You should not rely on the outcome. When the results will occur, you don’t waste time worrying. You know that they’re going to happen in time when you do what you do.

That’s how you don’t fall down slides, too.

Don’t do anything I want to be rich just for money.

About that, I’m free. By and through, I’m a capitalist. Yet for money I’m not going to do something I dislike.

But I am not offended, so no amount of funds worth the career. I’m smart enough to be a lawyer.

This is not how much you make money, but how you do it.

Successful entrepreneurs typically start in two ways, either create a company they want or find an interesting problem to solve.

Are there successful businessmen who are cold and calculated to be purely money-based? Of course, but to paint a sociopath’s image of the wall road does not mean money= evil automatically.

Money could be good. Money could be good.

Money often loves people who love what they do.

Look also at whom money always flows away — they never seem to have enough of it to scratch, grab, and itch to make it in the rat-race?

Take on a lucrative passion diligently and wait before money arrives.

Value Add

This is sad. This is tragic. The more focused you are on what you want, the less likely it is. You won’t be effective unless you add value to others.

Add meaning to other people and they will return to their search of what they do. All this is a kind of paradoxical half-truth thought.

You want recognition, appreciation, a audience, clients. With wanting these things, nothing is wrong. But if you serve without intention, you make the process easier. You don’t need them to, but you want people to be open to you. You want good results, but at a certain point you don’t need them.

Add ample value, outcomes happen.

Don’t concentrate on the number of new customers for your service. Concentrate about whether you become the industry’s most important supplier.

Don’t focus on how many people your writing can read. Make yourself a better blogger.

When it comes to winners, consumers or individuals, they will tell if you just try to take something from them and not make it an exchange of profit and money / attention.

You can move upwards with confidence and beauty, but in an industry or niche you can cement yourself if your work doesn’t feel so important.

Act on behalf of jobs

A balance is hard to find.

You can do without having performance, but it is also important not only to pursue a direction that you enjoy, but also to consider why you began first.

In my case, only because I liked it I started to compose.

Now, so much is tied to it. As a soul, I do it. It depends on my life to write more.

I’m caught in the pit of thinking that I have to write the perfect blog post, make the perfect monthly revenue, and build this great legacy and catalog.

Yet I remember… its fun to write. I am able to write for a living, a day. I am pleased.

And in the future, understand that material achievement means absolutely nothing because I am completely in favor. Whatever you are in or are in, understand. Paradox. Paradox.

Right now, you may be satisfied. Right now, you can do what you want.

Why don’t you begin?

Avoid attempting to succeed

Do you remember the desire to achieve excellence that we talked about? It sounds weird when placed in background, I put it in.

Let’s now talk about hacking. Now.

You do not have to try hacking your life. When you want to steal details, you hack into servers.

Perhaps, you should just try to live your life.

I had periods in which I missed the smile of my daughter at my monitor because my eyes have been fastened. In order to experience my child’s love, I lost the opportunity to excel.

This is just one of many times in which I have taken away what is really important in life in order to pursue a vague idea of success.

The balance of production and well-concerned.

Work, but don’t overwork. Do not overwork.

Obsess, but don’t prepare.

Join, but follow the direction, not outside, to get better.

Take your eyes from the competition, become the best, live a little, and if you least expect it, success will be seen.

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