Walking Conferences Steve Jobs Loved. New research demonstrates why it’s right

A new experiment shows that in 4 1⁄2 minutes or less people can better connect.

Steve Jobs had a favourite way to meet an employee, partner and future colleague. He enjoyed walking around Cupertino, California, usually only walking through the area of the business.

Something he was on. Conducting a meeting while walking has obvious health benefits, but it turns out that the meeting also benefits. New research at Hong Kong University shows that walking side-by-side helps people connect. It works so powerfully, even if they do not talk to one another, for people who have never met before. And in just under five minutes it happens.

Miao Cheng was curious about how relations between two peoples were influenced by the research team from the Department of Psychology of the University in Hong Kong. They noted that previous investigations have demonstrated conclusively that moving together tends to build relationships between people, especially when synchronizing movements, and that walking side by side during conversations has shown this effect. But, as the scientists note, having a dialog in itself connects people. You wanted to test the effect of walking alone.

To that end, 257 pairs have come together to give each other impressions before walking together for around a quarter-mile. At the end of the quarter mile, they once again gave a new understanding of each other and then returned to the point of departure. (The participants took the path multiple times, however each time with a new partner. On the first part of the walk, one group of pairs had been prohibited from chatting on their way back. They were asked to remain silent for the entire walk in a second experiment. And a group of participants simply sat in a room, working on a simple task about the same time as a walk, in order to test the social effect of being simply in the presence of another person.

Falling in the step.

Sensors were used to measure how participants walked and that participants tended to synchronize their walking-” fall into step-even if they were “foreign and even if they could not talk. After the first half of the walk-which took only 3 or 4 1/2 minutes-they found that participants ‘ impressions of their partners grew more favourable, even if they couldn’t talk. Those who could talk on the way back have even more like each other.

Jobs was known for his persuasion and the ability to bring people into his vision, which included an in-depth understanding of how to connect. The intuition then certainly told him what the experience in Hong Kong University showed. It is not only a great way to access your own creativity, it is also a great way to interact with others.

You probably have seen how this easy activity can promote communication and honest conversation when you have ever gone a long way with someone or, better still, a walk. Why can’t your next meeting also work with that power?

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