You are stronger than you think if you cry during movies.

As a man, we need more to stay dry in intestinally emotional scenes, because from birth we have been taught that it is not masculine to cry.

We all have had those moments in film theaters: it’s something utterly tragic and painful that happens, and we are forced to sit there while trying to prevent our eyes from streaming our faces with the tears. You don’t want to be * the man * who’s just babbling in a theater of men, I mean, c ‘mon. I say.


As a man, we need more to remain dry in intestinally emotional scenes, because from birth we have been taught that it is not masculine to weep. But truth is, when the waterworks are sad because of a movie, nobody should be afraid of letting them run. Since this indicates that you do not have anything else: empathy.

Perhaps you think, “Oh, everyone has at least a little empathy, right?” Not everyone has a chance to relax. These are narcissists and communities worldwide and for most of their life they never saw their own world.


Why are people so empathetic? Since personal issues can be easily brushed off like nothing. It is more easy than too really * feel * something true to suppress difficult feelings. There is a moral disparity between those who can put themselves in pain of another person and those who can’t.


Which is true strength? What’s true strength? If you are strong enough to bear the pain of your own life and you are able to go through the suffering of others too. Through your life into others, your power goes beyond. It’s because you understand what they’re going through and know what they do.


It’s arrogant to say that caring for someone else makes you poor. Also if you display empathy to a fictional character who performs scenes in an impossible novel, it shows you have a heart and that at that moment you are able to crack it and feel any real thing.


During films, tears sometimes come for various reasons. It may be because the character has something close to what you’ve been through, which makes you sort by traumatic old memories (because of recovery in its own way), or it may be the pure creative brilliance of the work that makes you cry.

In any case, works of art that emotionally move us are strong because sometimes they force us to identify emotions that we do not want to identify usually. And that’s gaining momentum.

Empathy is not weakness; empathy is moral intelligence.

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