You should never say these five things to anyone who is anxious or depressed

One should never say these things to people suffering from mental disorders like anxiety and depression.


Anxiety and depression also go together. Many people don’t know, because they worry so much, that people aren’t just concerned. We still have no influence over it. It’s also a mental condition with which they struggle. I felt the agony that comes from battling against mental illness, anger, and sorrow. It’s a bad mix, it feels like you can’t help and you can’t do something while thinking about doing anything at the same time. We refute theories and make you want to scream. They struggle with everything. Nothing. Nothing. Today. Day. If you meet someone who is dealing with depression or anxiety, you should stop talking to them five things if they are sick of listening.

Are you just lie all day long? / Today’s laziness, eh?


They don’t want to sit all day idle, basically, when you get overwhelmed with the constant concern about anxiety and the relentless weight of depression, it’s difficult to do something. Be positive and not angry about the things they can do without expressing the happiness that you have for the day.

You don’t try.


Although you should never compel someone to do anything, this advice should be ten times followed when dealing with the depressed and anxious. After you try, you’ll understand, and it leads to panic, mental break, excessive tears, or complete body shutdown. Should not persecute you for a perceived lack of ambition if you are upset with them. Just go away. Just walk away.

Cheer up! Cheer up!


Naturally, Ah! Ah! Why haven’t I thought about that? I want just to cheer up. True. True. Say it to an anxious or depressed person, and it will smash you into your stomach. Naturally, instead of a bleak, dim and sorrowful life, they will enjoy cheering up and living a happy, peaceful life. Happiness is not their option at the beginning of their day. Every second, it is a battle to fight. It is waking up.

You just have to relax


Even as’ cheer up’ causes the sad to be angry and irritated,’ settle down’ provokes angry men. Why do people believe these things work as though they had new ideas about how to treat psychiatric disease? You’d be pissed at someone asking you to stop if you were about to get stuck in a crash, rightly? It is quite a bit of fear, because the car is in your head, and you are still on the verge of crashing, but never.

You are nuts / too easy, emotional / taking it personally


Indeed, you explain literally the signs and conditions people feel continuously stressed and anxious. You know you are irrationally speaking. You know little about your folly. They know that. They know. It does not help at any point to suggest that the mental illness they cannot improve or get rid of.

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